Comment: I've listened to several people over the past 2 days

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I've listened to several people over the past 2 days

including Doug Casey's 1 hr speech at Libertopia that was posted here on the DP that all stated in no uncertain terms that there is no way around another great depression or at least very significant (and painful) changes to our financial soverignty by a world bank / IMF / BIS global currency when the dollar dies.

16 trillion cannot be mathmatically paid back. The odds are somewhere around 80-90% that the person in the whitehouse over the next 4 years is going to go down in history as the president who was at the helm when TSHTF.

I understand the never give up attitude of most all Ron Paul supporters but seriously, do you REALLY want to put RP into such a horrible situation as being president when the worst economic collapse in the history of the world starts really getting nasty?

When TSHTF I think we will have a unique opportunity to impeach or expell the criminals in DC. THAT would seem like a good time to try and put our hero in the whitehouse. Let the bastards that created this mess be forced to take the fall. It seems almost cruel for anyone to want Dr Paul to be commander in cheif considering the FED has now declared QE infinity. There is NOTHING RP can do at this point to stop what's headed our way.

Trying to come up with ways to get RP elected almost seems like some are willing to sacrifice Dr Paul just to prove that if they work hard enough the voices of the people will finally be heard and RP will be elected President. Do you REALLY want that to happen? Still? After all we know?

RP had several very good opportuities to force the issue during his campaign and as we all know...he didn't. Don't you think there is a chance he didn't want to be nominated specifically because of what the next president is going to be facing?

We the people are going to have to fill the vacuum when the dollar collapses and we are forced to either fight for freedom or succumb to totalitarianism. I'd rather RP be standing with us when the house of cards comes falling down instead of him being surrounded by criminals in DC where he will constantly put in no win situations.

Probably not going to be a popular viewpoint here on the DP but it's how I feel. And regardless of what any of you think, there is no one I know that respects and loves Dr Paul than I do.