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who cares about a romney endoorsement? words are is actions that matter.

who cares about the neocons romney has on his staff?
Rand has power in the senate ALL READY.
He has a pac that ran ads against THREE DEMS in THREE DIFF states, over wait for it..... Their support of foreign aid! DEMS? Support foreign aid? since when?? The liberal constituents they serve do not want foreign aid going to other countries. Libs Loathe foreign aid thats why Rand chose his fight and he made the snakes at the bottom of the republican pit surface, to defend their fellow shills on the other side.
Can you say EXPOSED?
Lindsay was exposed and she has a vagina under there! Sorry but its true! Rand lifted up Lindsays dress for all the world to see! and smacked some dems in the process!

It was GENIUS what Rand just did!
He deserves a medal for slamming graham and the dems..
McCain and Lieberman kept their traps shut for a change, they were wise to do so- both are on thin ice and they KNOW IT!! That was very telling how hard rand punched them at the SAME TIME!.
Made the "worms squirm" I call it.
What about when he had the "energy saver" committee on the stand and asked them what business is it of theirs how much water, (HE PAYS) for, runs in his toilet or bathroom shower? And also, what type of light bulb he buys for his reading the- wait for it...

Rand is just like his father only RAND BITES and can play dirty so GOOD!
Just wait.
Rand has only just begun and has ALL the statists QUAKING in their boots, or grahams case, PUMPS!
If Rand did not endorse romney he would have been thrown out of the party, why do you think justin did the same thing? They are bound or discarded and after all the work to get Rand in there- no WAY!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016