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Comment: The "mod" in the post title stands for either "modification" or

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The "mod" in the post title stands for either "modification" or

I agree with 'modifification', as long as it is limited to removing/modifying certain words that are accepted to be VULGAR by the general population (the 'seven dirty words'), BUT NO FARTHER.

As far as 'MODERATION', the owners/arbiters of this private site may or MAY NOT employ their own biases in order to steer the general discussion, BUT I WOULD HIGHLY RECCOMEND AGAINST THIS PRACTICE.

Of course, obvious SPAM (like the 'my sister's cousin made $8.000 a day on the internet, ...) needs to be 'weeded out', but the DIFFERING OPINIONS of those who are 'NOT POPULAR' should not be construed as 'SPAM'. Let the commentary freedom RAGE and GROW to a clear CONSENSUS!

The people here sometimes have a longer-than-normal accepted 'learning curve' in their paths for truth and reality. it SHOULD be your job to weed out the SPAMMERS, and let the learning and mistakes thereto happen of their own accord.

Thank you for your time.