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In Texas I don't see Ron Paul

In Texas I don't see Ron Paul listed as an "official" write in candidate. Stands to reason. Virgil Goode is listed but like Chuck Baldwin in my county people say, "never heard of him". Baldwin garnished 255 votes in my county in 2008 that were actually published by the vote counters. Writing in Ron Paul here will go totally unnoticed even more so than Baldwin in 2008 because the vote for Paul will not be counted.

It is a very difficult decision. I could "write in" Ron Paul in which the vote will not be counted , not vote or vote Gary Johnson. I hear much about Johnson being another establishment type. I'm interested just how pro-Israel Johnson is and not to say I'm anti-Israel by any means, only interested in discontinuing foreign aid to everyone. That will never happen of course but it seems Johnson is of the same thought on the foreign aid.

I'm so tired of the myths about "wasting a vote", voting "lesser of evils", a vote for third party is "a vote for Obama" and on and on with such absurdities. Another one I hear people say is they will vote "against" someone. I'm going against the grain of the absurdity of "voting against" this time however and voting against Romney and Obama in support of Gary Johnson.

It is too late for third party or anything. Third parties will never be allowed traction. Sadly we are duped by the two party dupe. I can only pray that Ron Paul's influence will continue to grow so that perhaps someday our government is what it was intended to be rather than the corrupt one that it is.

Do not assume establishment party officials who say all the right things about conservative principles will do anything differently. This is the battle. Individual liberty demands personal responsibility. - Debra Medina