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You associate the drivers

You associate the drivers license with the act of driving. You state that if you are not driving at the time, why would you even need a driver's license. I have a question for you: Why do you need a driver's license to drive? Where does the state derive the power to say whether you can drive or not? That is your right. They don't have the power to restrict your right to travel because all rights belong to the individual. I yearn for the day when the norm is to assert one's right to travel regardless of their "license". I have a license as well. I treat it as my coward's badge. It is their symbol of control over me. I have it because they will punish me otherwise. However, I'm getting bolder each day. I'm pushing back, little by little. Their recourse is to either fine me or put me in jail. Since those options scare me, it is effective recourse. However, if I have no money and no objection to a few nights in jail, they've lost that power over me. I'm working on shifting that power.