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To the Editor

1. The shorter the letter, the more likely they will use it to fill a space. A cute two line comment fits.
2. Be timely. Two days later is way too late.
3. Steve Chapman from the Chicago Tribune advised me to keep the Libertarian wordplay to a minimum and don't sound derisive.

I'll tell you a secret because it is beyond the statute of limitations, and it worked very well.

I used to fax press releases for a state Libertarian Party before cheap automated faxing was available. Instead of faxing them to a list and hoping somebody would read them, I'd call the Editors one by one and ask them if they got my fax. Each Editor would rustle papers around and holler across the news room, "Did anybody get a fax from... Dave?", followed by a heartfelt, "Gee, I didn't get it, Dave." Can you resend it and I'll keep an eye out for it? I'd have it all cued up in the fax machine so I could send it right away! The likelihood of a release being printed went sky high because somebody held it in their hand, read it, and had a brief personal contact with someone. Dig?

Good luck, Jeff.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ