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Galt's Gulch Chile

I'm partners with Jeff Berwick and the managing partner of Galt's Gulch Chile. It is located about an hour west of Santiago and an hour east of the Pacific Ocean, near wine country. It is an entire valley, surrounded by mountains, which are part of our property. We are creating a true like-minded community, away from statism on the globe we all share. We are pricing 1.25 acre lots starting at $30,000, with in-house financing on lots and homes. We are being flooded with inquiries from many walks of life, many income levels and many professions and trades who all want to be involved with a community that seeks to provide a fully self-sustaining community...and we haven't begun to market it yet. We have our own water supply, power supply, organic food (produce and fish), all the amenities of a high end community (golf, horse facilities, fitness, spas, etc), but for a wide range of income levels. Sign up for our free blog/newsletter and we'll send you information on it upon release, which should be this month.