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I never said the Pagans

I never said the Pagans invented anything did I? Most (if not all) Pagan holidays are naturally occurring, which is to say that most (if not all) Pagan holidays are religiously chosen naturally occurring days.

I don't believe you can find where I said anything about people who plant and harvest by the sun's position, that they must all be of the same religion. Certainly the American Indians who were agriculturalist where not of pagan religion. But what I will say is that "hunter gatherers" generally have very similar religious beliefs, and once people begin move into agricultural societies, their religions begin to take on similarities of Sun worship. At the same time, their societies are quite different politically speaking. Hunter gathers tend to have less of a Leadership that can be seen as a "ruler" (gods) and more titular in nature whereas in the agriculturalist they tend to have very powerful gods (kings, judges) who are most often display a tyrannical nature over their people. Generally these kings/judges get their power by some association they have with their "gods". Often that association is that the King is a Son of their said god, the King inherited that position as most kings do, from their father...Just as the king's earthly father was king because he was the reincarnate of say Ra, so to the Son is now king because he is a)son of his earthly father, and b)also reincarnate of Ra. These kings are Ra, God, alive in the flesh here on earth.

My bad...yes the 25 is the Birth, I typed the day it dies. The sun dies on around the 20-22 according to our calender. It once again begins moving across the sky on around the 25th...which is to say, in Pagan, its is born on around the 25th.

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