Comment: Some of us think this whole argument is silly.

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Some of us think this whole argument is silly.

Gary Johnson is not going to win. We are 2 weeks from election day, he does not have the money or momentum required to come from behind behind the 2 bankster-funded and media appointed candidates.
IF politics were the path to individual liberty, we need to start talking about 2016 NOW. The thing the truly frosts my cookies about RP is how much we could have done if he had committed to run in 2012 back in 2008, but the past is over and done. If most here feel Rand is the next hope, they need to be organizing NOW - and deciding now if they will be working "with the campaign" or "with the grassroots" because there is clearly a barrier between these efforts.
As for me, I do not believe liberty will be gained through politics, but rather by non-participation in the FRN-based world, including not helping them pick the next CEO of Americorp.

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