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The only way to fix a 1½-party system

Is to make another major party. That means, while we're working within the ranks of the GOP for control of the state parties and, eventually, national committees, we should be bolstering the numbers of our nearest ideological allies: the Libertarians. We're shouting from rooftops that we don't support business as usual, that we want another option besides an authoritarian Democrat or an authoritarian Republican.

Gary Johnson is on most of those ballots and the Libertarian Party platforms are, in most ways, aligned with many elements of the Ron Paul R[3VOL]ution. It means we boost the Libertarian Party and entitle them to more publicity and exposure because, in 2016, we'll need to hold both parties accountable once again. Win or lose, we've gotta expose their massive failures. Obama is on the fast track to being Bush circa 2008. And even if Romney is elected, we have to hold him accountable from the Right.