Comment: A Note of Appreciation!

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A Note of Appreciation!

BTW: I just got my State refund check (over $3,000) , based on the 1040 Line 21 "Lawful Money Demand Reduction". The Federal refund was already successfully applied to back taxes. The other State tax return was also accepted without objection to this reduction. So, " the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses, a matter is confirmed"! Hooray!

I enjoy that because a lawful money redemption applied to back taxes proves plenty of "contemplation" by the IRS agents and attorneys!

Also this same intrepid suitor wrote:

IRS FORM 843 - Redeeming Lawful Money

Although IRS Form 843 cannot be used for claiming back income tax, it can be used for an abatement of the fee paid for the presumed use of private credit in the form of Federal Reserve Notes that is based on the amount of income denominated thereby, when said presumed use has been consistently rebutted by lawful money being demanded for all transactions per 12 USC 411, with a substantive record of same created as admissible evidence by all related financial institutions in their normal course of business documentation. This IRS Form 843 is a good tool to further expose the unspoken legal foundation of the “income tax” – that it is a legitimate usage fee for the use of the private credit and script of the Federal Reserve System.