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Comment: a)Ask for a time deferral of

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a)Ask for a time deferral of

a)Ask for a time deferral of a few weeks. Gather as many of your coworkers as possible, networking through as many like minded coworkers and have them network other coworkers. It shouldn't be difficult to gather a crowd. Have as many coworker sign pledges to refuse vaccination, damn the consequences.

b) Gather as much research as you can showing the negatives of vaccinations, as well as research showing effectiveness of such vaccines.

c) Go to the committee hearing, WITH your coworkers attending, and present your research. Give recognition to the fact that the company DOES have the right to terminate your employment and hire compliant individuals, but in the interest of health concerns employees have about vaccinations, to please waive this policy.

d) Inform the company that just as they have the right to require their employee to take vaccination, so too employee have the right and ultimate responsibility to protect their own health, and that the group present does not believe these vaccines to be proven safe. Submit coworker pledges to the committee.

e) Continue to refuse vaccinations, and live with consequences.

f) If you win, call the press. Make it public.

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