Comment: How Dare Anyone

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How Dare Anyone

.....profess to know what Ron Paul would agree with if they are not Ron Paul.

To go on to applying a direct quote as to what he would
*graciously* say after reading a book you read is pure narcissism and ego.

First, you do not understand Ron Paul and the *fact* that he acknowledges everyone's God given right to worship as they choose. Second, you do not understand the depth of some belief systems, especially Ron Paul's which he has made clear.

You are like a Tower of Babel that will fall under the weight of the pride and ego that constructed it. You obviously feel you have "set yourself free" of something ... so enjoy your freedom. A wise man said "the defense of any proposition is inversely related to the amount of truth contained therein." Truth is often very simple. Obfuscating it generally takes many words.

The internet allows one to *find* many thoughts and quotes from others to back your one-sided conclusion. Truth and God are found within the human heart...its actions and its words.