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Read my comment from the Youtube page


The numbers seem a bit exaggerated so I looked it up. Please tell me if I'm wrong but the site below states that President Obama is at 138 and not at 923 and Bush at 291. Where did Ben get these facts from? Since Hover Hoover, the numbers have been in the triple digits. Can anyone explain?

presidency (dot) ucsb (dot) edu/data/orders (dot)php

NewbornlxlHostage 1 day ago

Ben Swann personally e-mailed me to make corrections on The Executive Order part of the video.. He wrote "I have been emailing around to people who were in attendance that night... The information I gave about the executive others was least the numbers were. They were given to me last minute by a producer and I didn't vet then as I would for something on air. For that I am very sorry and I owe you an apology."- B Swann

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