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Romney supports spending

Romney supports spending other people's tax dollars on abortion. To me, that is Pro-abortion.

Honestly I don't really have an opinion on the topic, and I can see your point of Gen 2:7. But I'm sure the other side can quote many other things.

I get the feeling from your post that you have never read The Revolution, specifically the part where the Doc talks about being forced to do an abortion in med school. In his words, they cut the baby out, put it in a bucket in the corner of the room, and everyone ignored its screams until it stopped. Meanwhile, in the next room, there was a premature delivery, and the child was about the same size as the one they had just aborted, and dozens of doctors were doing everything in their power to save that baby's life.

If life doesn't start until breath, as you state, then why is a person who kills a pregnant mother charged with a double homicide? Why is the doctor charged with manslaughter if the fetus dies because of his incompetence?