Comment: Does Dr. Paul need to submit papers to run for Write in?

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Does Dr. Paul need to submit papers to run for Write in?

Legitimate question.

I want a good showing here. I don't think he had to in 08 but I want to make sure.

I want to make sure the establishment counts all votes for Dr. Paul and add that to 3rd party.

I pledged alliance a long time ago, since he announced running. Even on our liberal media they kept hinting at a run by Dr. Paul. When they finally announced it I cheered so loud in my car my son asked why I was screaming. But they put a d at the end of his name like rond paul. I think they got confused. Maybe thought Rand Paul was running.

We are stuck to the so called duopoly but we can see both are the same.

The lies are incredulous. We need 55 electors and tons of people voting any other candidate and show up in record numbers. After what I've read about and seen I may never vote for anyone for president again. But we need 55 electors and we also need 3rd party voters. Anyone but the BO and MR. Both say what they won't do, they do, both say what they will do and what they in turn won't do. I hope that makes sense. In other words they are liars.

Dr. Paul is a doctor, willing to work in the political system. Only other politicians are politicians.

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