Comment: Richard Gilbert's claim of a settlement with Oregon?

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Richard Gilbert's claim of a settlement with Oregon?

Richard Gilbert claims that he achieved a settlement with Oregon to allow a Ron Paul write-in.

From the Oregon Secretary of States web page at:

How do I run as a write-in candidate in Oregon?
There are no forms to file for running as a write-in candidate in Oregon. Your name will not be printed on the ballot, Oregon registered voters write your name in on their ballot. However, write-in candidates have the same campaign finance reporting requirements as any other candidate (see the Campaign Finance Manual). (ORS 254.550 write-in vote tally)

This is the form that Ron Paul would have to fill out after the fact if he won in Oregon:

Oregon already allowed a Ron Paul write-in!

Oregon Law also says this:

§ 249.048
Unsuccessful candidate not eligible as candidate
A candidate for nomination of a major political party to a public office who fails to receive the nomination may not be the candidate of any other political party or a nonaffiliated candidate for the same office at the succeeding general election. The filing officer may not certify the name of the candidate.

Ron Paul can't be a nonaffiliated candidate in oregon because he sought the nomination of the Republican Party in Oregon. You can vote for Ron Paul but even if he got the most votes he still wouldn't be able to win because of Oregon Law § 249.048.

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