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Floydius - Non-Atheist's

Use logic and reason when making decsions in all areas of their lives except 1...the 1 in which they are convinced that an invisible being exists which has consciousness without material form, is all powerful and all knowing, is outside of time and space, the being doesn't intefere in the world (but sometimes it does interfere in the world), that (it) he gave his only son, that everyone who was there prior to (it) him wasn't moral, that devils exist and angels exsist...that heavens and other realms exist.

No way, no how, can someone believe such a tale without first shutting down the logical and rational part of their brain. Regardless of how hard the logical part of their mind trys to interject and help...they force those thoughts out of their mind and most have been convinced those thoughts come from "the devil".

I know what it feels like and how the thoughts present themselves because I was a believer for most of my adult life. Learning the truth about religion and the bible creates the exact same emotional reactions that all of us felt when we learned the truth about the FED, or that America is the biggest terrorist nation on the planet.

That stuff typically causes a crisis in our world view and creates a new and very uncomfortable reality which some call patriotism guilt.

It's hard enough accepting the realities about America. Most people just simply can't handle letting go of God too. No question it was tough for me, my wife, and my daughter but I NEVER would have believed once the pain passed I would eventually experience a new level of personal freedom I never knew exsisted. Things started making sense and irrational fears disappeared. I've never slept better since becoming an Atheist and even though I enjoy each and every day I am alive...I no longer fear death in the least.

BTW - here is a link to a video of Famous Non Religious People. I think it includes Larry King but I don't remember.