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Thanks Jon

I've recently moved and am on a computer that hasn't been used for awhile. I will run the malwarebytes and see if it clears up.

Can't link to (don't know how) this post. Guess you went to user 406/me
and didn't see anything. The scribbled out words were on a post I called "Interesting Observation/Cannonfire" under the Bain, Romney, CIA, Hughes article.

On my article, "the Good General's Daughter" what I see (this is kinda funny) is my word "progressive" in red linking to an insurance ad and my word "longevity" in red linked to a healthcare ad. When I first wrote the article there were about ten things like just the two.

Was afraid people would think I was getting paid for weird ad links or something. Glad if nobody else sees the weird things! Thanks and I will run the malware. I was on google.