Comment: I don't have a detailed plan

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I don't have a detailed plan

I have a goal, To Restore the Republic, to constitutional government. The plan has been to bring a rEVOLution to the GOP with republiCANs who will participate, learn, work, show up to meetings and events, and restoring a government protecting our bill of rights.

The way I see it, the Neocons hold us to a loyalty oath to the party, they've lied, cheated, stole, to force a win.. These guys have definately lost their way, had to cheat, with the help of MSM, to win. But on the other hand, now the GOP who is interested in constitutional government because all the new tea party, Earthquakers, Constitutionalists all have that in common with us.

So, I believe, it's only a matter of time, and resolution will start to get writen, and since Rand Paul is very good at getting our voice heard.. so I think the golden rule, "blowback" is fair, because the best part, is we're not in this for personal profit, but for liberty from slavery debt, massive government, and wars.