Comment: Richard Gilbert now claims a settlement with Washington.

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Richard Gilbert now claims a settlement with Washington.

Here is the latest example of Richard Gilbert's silliness:

Breaking News - Exclusive via Attorney Richard Gilbert

The State of Washington has reached a full Agreement just now with Plaintiffs to the Write In Case.

Washington Agrees to permit Unconditionally any Write In Vote and will declare the Write In the winner of the State if the Write In gets the most votes without any restrictions.

Washington already allowed a write-in as long as the candidate fills out this form:

Didn't Ron Paul just say that he wasn't filling out any forms? Another big win by Richard Gilbert by claiming a success by getting an agreement that the State of Washington will continue to do what they already have been doing. You might want to note this statement on page one of the document:

"RESULTS - Write-in votes are not tabulated for individual write-in candidates unless enough write-in votes are cast to potentially change the outcome of the race"

More nothingness from Richard Gilbert . . .

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