Comment: All that and saving the Earth from certain destruction, too

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All that and saving the Earth from certain destruction, too

He's still doing everything he can to help save the Earth from an impending polar shift. It looks like the old plan to use chemtrails to deflect the deadly cosmic rays might have been changed. Also, the blimps will no longer be in outer space, they will be inside the atmosphere, and he's no longer planning to use the gravitational force from the blimps to extract the deadly radiation, he's now using magnetism.

Exclusive - 30,000 Airships must be built that will fly in the Upper Atmosphere magnetically attracting Radiation Particles

Exclusive - We have made substantial progress on the design of an airship that can attract Trillions of Radioactive Particles

We are designing an Airship capable of atmospheric flight that will cargo 100 foot long iron beams magnetized by powder in commercial use

The magnetized beams will attract Radiation Particles in the Van Allen Radiation Belt-30,000 Airships will be needed

Governments will be in hiding underground during the Polar Shift leaving us to fend for ourselves as the Radiation falls to earth's surface

Saving Earth will not be trusted to Governments. We are devising our own plan for all citizens of the world to join together to save Earth

Airships will be based on Inflatable designs

The North Pole now is located in Russia-The Polar Shift is underway. In 3 years commencing June 2015 a rapid 90 day Polar Shift will occur