Comment: Kombucha contain alcohol???

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Kombucha contain alcohol???

I am Japanese.
Normal Kombucha we have in Japan is just a powdered form of Kombu with hot water.
I never heard Kombucha contains alcohol before.
This is the reason it is recommended drink for any age.

What kind of Kombucha do they sell in US and what kind of test did they do at school? It just strange to me.

So I checked..
What you call Kombucha is mistakenly named and it is fermented drink from Russia which totally different from real Kombucha in Japan.

Well, fermented drink is good for health.
If school accept yoghurt, cheese and other fermented foods and products they should accepted this Russian drink too.
I think the problem is just a LUCK OF KNOWLEDGE and no willing to research about what school educators do not understand.
If they have more open minded and willing to learn, those problems never happened.
Small minded people with luck of knowledge never able to teach children as well.

I feel sorry for all the children at school.
This is the reason, I home educate my children.
No silly rules, problems and we do not have to waste our precious time for such a closed mind people.