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I did not say it was right

It was just argument using the sacred cows of the politically correct. I personally will not work anywhere where my employer acts like they own me. However, this person maybe the only bread winner, has kids to feed, and is feeling extremely violated by their employer's ultimatum. So, I understand the dilemma.

But than again, you(Libertarian probably like the TSA naked body scanners and mandatory groping of innocent people so you have the illusion of safety. May I ask you question, does the government have the right to drug you without consent? And if vaccines are so safe, why must you sign a waiver?

This person, Z, asked to give an argument against their employer who is attempting to force his will upon their body. Z, wanted a medical one, I gave the argument "I am not an animal, but a human being". As a libertarian, you object to killing others. Well, in the vaccine inserts, death is always a possiblity. There are vaccine exemptions based on religious objections in all 50 states. If you don't own you, then who owns you?

Again, it was just an argument. Good day.