Comment: My almost daily terrorism against the Fed

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My almost daily terrorism against the Fed

(typical; I usually arrange so I'm last, with nobody next in line after me)

(Random or usual) cashier: 'found everything ok ?

Me: yes, thanks [pull out DEBIT card and swipe]

[pin code, confirm ... pause, show card to cashier]

Me: you know what's this ?

Cashier: er.. a credit card ?

Me: it's nothing but plastic and the money that's on it is worthless

Cashier: uh ? what do you mean ?

[pull out my 1 troy oz, .999 silver coin, Ron Paul commemorative, and I show to cashier in its transparent airtight]

Me: look, now THIS is money; pure silver, 1 ounce; ten years ago, t'was worth 5 bucks and would buy you 2 gallons of gas; today, it's now worth 8 gallons, do the maths; the dollar is being destroyed, the Federal Reserve bank is doing it: printing monopoly money for their buddies to acquire as much assets as they can ... all you and I will be left with in the end is to spend 50 bucks in worthless paper/cotton money just to get a hamburger, it's called hyper inflation, while they'll have the gold and silver; look up Ron Paul, sound money and audit the Fed; buy silver as much as you can... NOW... before you can't afford anymore

Cashier: ... [staring at beautiful coin]

Me: just dig the info up, look it up online; prepare for yourself, don't trust the gov't; tough times will be coming, soon or late, doesn't matter; you just WON'T want to depend on the gov't to be able to feed yourself or move

Cashier: er.. okay... hey, it's a beautiful coin ! silver, you said ?

[pull out an End the Fed Ron Paul sheet]

Me: yes, and its value can only increase as the dollar is destroyed; and read this, too ... [give sheet to cashier] ... I know what I'm doing, do your homework too, if you care for yourself

[walking out, put coin back in pocket]

Cashier: well, thank you ! Have a great day !

Me: thank you, you too take care

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