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Comment: My religion is most certainly man-made...

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My religion is most certainly man-made...

My religion is most certainly man-made:

It's the Constitution!

All others are unimportant by comparison.

I will try my best to love and serve others (even my enemies, which I have done successfully on occasion--and not without injury to my pride, but also not without some gain for a positive outcome). This philosophy was not invented by any one religion, btw.

All we have is the present (right NOW) and how we interact with it; and how this interaction affects the future is our only legacy. Hell is NOW (no explanation required). Heaven is NOW (in moments of peace with our loved ones or in moments of reconciliation with our foes, etc.).

Good and evil existed long before humans tried to invent stories to explain them. Do good NOW.

I am spiritual but not religious. But I have no problem with being worm food when I die (What's so wrong with life simply being over and done? I mean, we're not there to experience it. And eternal life seems like it would get rather boring after a while anyway....). If I'm wrong for rejecting "the word" or whatever, then I shall accept any punishment from the appropriate deity/deities in due course and without complaint or protest.

But if the threat/promise of a hellish/heavenly afterlife is what people need to motivate them to do good NOW, then so be it! We are on the same side regardless. I will forgive you your wild beliefs if you forgive me my lack of beliefs! We are doing the same work after all....

Are we not really defined more by what we DO rather than by what we think we believe?

Patriot first, person of faith/spirit second.

What would the Founders do?