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How many GOP meetings have you been?

I don't mean sign waving at a convention. I mean how many GOP meetings have you attended and participated in?

Those who ARE united AGAINST the GOP have lost their way by REACTING to MSM, subjective listening, and watching YouTubes for a "virtual" reality about the GOP; but YOU have no personal experience. Your opinion is based on pictures and other's stories that you wanted to hear to confirm what you FEEL about a GOP you really don't KNOW.

The GOP has lost it's way. That's a fact. We see from them breaking their own rules, but they are not alone, it happens in the Democratic Party and the third parties, which does not make it ok, it makes it impossible from fighting from the outside, because the outside is a spillover from the inside to protect the inside. The inside needs to be restored to the oaths we take.

Not taking oaths does not free you, but subject you to those who take oaths. It's the way it is and it can't be changed from the outside. The rEVOLution is not a joke or a flash in the pan. It is an idea for liberty that works to restore a party that stands for the republic.. the Republican party, and we stand, until we can face the Democrats, who promise to fight even dirtier than the GOP.. but the old shell is coming off and by standing for truth and freedom with love, not running away because you hate and fear.