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I also disagree

The legislation you reference does not stop the actions you reference.
Murder, theft, rape, etc still occur. When they do, your legislation allows the victims to receive justice and enact their revenge in a way. Nothing more.
Many of us would not do these things regardless of the law as we know these actions to be amoral. However those that would do these things, do not care about your morals and many don't care about the law. Hence why they still occur.
So in short, I think you are confused. What you are doing is legislating a standard acceptable behavior. You are not establishing morality in anyone. If the laws drop and people will suffer no legal repercussions for a certain action, then some will take that action because there is no risk now. Such is why a SHTF event would be scary and it is not recommended people live within cities these days given the economic outlook...
If your legislation actually legislated morality a SHTF event would not be nearly as scary, but it does not. It simply places penalty for an action and adds risk for those who would wish to violate the law. Take away that risk and more people will violate your law.