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I agree with two comments that I read below and will add a third of my own.

1) Consider making the accusatory paragraphs more concsise, perhaps including only the criticisms of the candidates that you think will resonate with the broadest swath of voters.
2) Change the "95%" remark to something approximately closer to the true number of voters to show how many individuals don't even bother to vote. I have always used this statistic in the same way it had been taught to me, that is, as a sign of why it is important to exercise your right to vote. I have come to see that it is also a sign of how broken the political system is. Perhaps say something like "Of the third of us that will even participate in this sad election as voters, 95% will likely vote for..."
3) With the words you save from condenscing the accusatory paragraphs, explain to people why it isn't a "terrible waste of a vote" to stay home on election day or vote third party. The most common objection to third party voting that I hear is that to vote third party is to throw away your vote. Explain to people that if you continually vote based on party, you will only consolidate party hegemony over the government; if you continually vote for the lesser of two evils, you will continue to get candidates characterized by being "lesser" and "evil;" and if the two-party system cannot be changed from within, by one of the two parties, then it is time to take it upon yourself to effect the change by refusing to vote for more of the same.

Otherwise, great letter and kudos on taking the time to be vocal. I struggle to balance my desire to shout out from the hilltops and educate the people with my firm belief that we are sliding uncontrollably on an icy slope towards serfdom, and the only thing that I can do is prepare myself (sometimes I don't even think preparations will be worth anything).

Good luck!

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