Comment: I tried to make it "representative"

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I tried to make it "representative"

I tried to make it "representative" in the comment, but I do adapt a bit depending on the person of course.

Also, I do "choose" the persons I'm willing to share this with. It's usually people I've been seeing for a good while before and who come to "know me" as one of their regulars.

I have the weakness to believe that I did sparkle some interest in maybe 20% or 25% of those (?) I did get a couple times some follow up questions on how to learn more about Ron Paul and/or silver.

I have no intent to convince these people anyway. I only feel better for myself because I know I'm doing good deed without force, and because they're people I appreciate if only for their politeness every time we cross. The rest is up to them.

I don't quite see how I could share this tip with her, any time soon for instance.

That's life.

Knowledge and voluntary awareness is power. Some will be "luckier" than others, I suppose.

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