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WTF? ...

For my feelings on the TSA just check out my profile pic. That outta clear that up purdy damn quick. How in the hell did you think I like choosing cancer/porno machine versus sexual assault by the government every time I go to the airport? You inferred that from my standing up for voluntary association between private individuals?

And how did you get "government" from "private employer" and "drug" from "vaccine"? No, of course the government doesn't have the right to drug you. Or vaccinate you against your will. But that's not the situation here. Here, a private employer is mandating something (anything) as a condition of employment. So either you do it, or you quit. Sure, you can try to negotiate w/ your employer. By all means, negotiate away. But at the end of the day if your boss wants something done (anything) as a condition of their voluntarily employing you, and you voluntarily being employed, then that's it. Period. Done. End of argument.

Likewise, if you wanted to quit for some reason (any reason), your employer has no right to force you to come to work. You want a raise and he/she won't give you one? You want to have a condensed work schedule and they say no? Or anything else bothering you? You can quit. Period. Done.