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If y'all are going to post

If y'all are going to post threads like this, don't speculate and make outrageous accusations. You are making a large generalization of a very diverse group.

"If they can't convince us to vote for Romney & Obama, plan B is to convince us to fracture our vote into insignificance by trying to get us to write-in candidates and vote for insignificant candidates which have failed to get on the ballot in most states."

Really? So we should totally abandon the Write in Ron for Iowa and Maine then huh? Just throw everything in the trash because the people who did the Write in Ron website are obviously Romney/Obama campaign workers. It is about the message. Right now the larger percentage of votes the third part candidates gets the better. You can't come on here saying people are here to co-op because they don't bow down to Johnson.

My counter argument is that idiotic posts like this one are splintering the group. Instead of posting negative horse-shit like this, try posting about Johnson's good qualities and why people would want to vote for them. Not, "You better vote for Johnson or its a vote for Obama!!!111!!1"

Southern Agrarian