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My Mormon conspiracy theory

When you get a huge crowd of people anywhere in Utah chances are pretty good that most are LDS. Although Ron Paul has been doing this throughout the campaign, it does not surprise me that he would continue to do this in the heart of what should be Mitt Romney territory.

I've been saying for years that because of their reverence for the U.S. constitution and belief in the sacred nature of individual autonomy, Latter-Day Saints should be the strongest supporters of Ron Paul and constitutional conservative politics.

And I have also been pointing out that because of their relative affluence, work ethic, volunteerism, and willingness to proselytize in the face of adversity, etc.; they COULD be one of our movement's greatest asset.

In fact, I believe that it was no accident that the political establishment chose a "Mormon" as their GOP presidential candidate this year. (It may have even been one reason for keeping Huntsman in the race to further distract and divide their attention.)

I believe that the insiders wanted to short circuit any possibility of Ron Paul recruiting large numbers of LDS into the liberty movement.

Without a Mitt Romney at the head of the pack, Ron Paul would have done much better (and possibly have even won) in Iowa and/or New Hampshire. But in Nevada especially, without a Mormon opponent, Ron Paul would have won in a landslide.

As a Mormon myself, a current resident of Iowa, and a former resident of Nevada; I KNOW that the insiders were deathly afraid of exactly this scenario.

What do you think?
I might just start another thread about this.

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