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On that point, I agree with

On that point, I agree with you. If my beliefs are false, I'd much rather know it than live in ignorance. As Paul wrote, "If for this life only we have hoped in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied."

I have spent a decent portion of my life looking at scripture and also thinking about whether it represents a true account. Not that this means I'm right about my beliefs, but I took 2 years worth of Koine Greek classes and 1.5 of ancient Hebrew during my university studies. All that to say that I don't take the question lightly.

I have some atheist friends who are very intelligent and whom I respect as logical thinkers -- I just disagree with their conclusions about theology.

I've yet to read any explanation of the universe, Christian or otherwise, that provides the answers to every one of my questions. I have to go on what I think to be the most likely truth based on the evidence I have to work with. So far, the accounts of Jesus of Nazareth still top my list.

I'm certainly willing to listen to other viewpoints and I hope I'll always be willing to keep an open mind.