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I used it as reference from Taken, I haven't seen Carlito's Way.

I see you've changed from Propagandist to labeling people you don't agree with "establishment co-opters." That's much less ironic than the last case where I pointed out that what you were engaging in was, in fact, the dehumanization common in propaganda.

So, to counter this... er... inadequacy, they will disengage and pivot their efforts to "warning the others" of the danger lurking. This typically takes form as "Don't listen to so-n-so, they're a paid HuffPo plant" or "Ignore so-n-so, they're a DUMBocrat troll," etc.

You do realize this statement exactly describes the form and function of your post right? Oooooh the irony.

Nice try though.

Eric Hoffer