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Here are a few hints,

Here are a few hints, as terse and to the point as I can, for each question:

1. many registrars out there; though they're not the cheapest, I personally use and stick with them:
1. a. great, no bullsh*t design of their portal to manage your domain names, whether you use their hosting service or not
1. b. extensive list of TLDs : .net,org,com,biz, of course, but also many country specific ones, incl. .us,.me, etc.
1. c. great quality of service/tech support
1. d. happy w/ them since 1999

2. your registrar doesn't need to be also your hosting, of course, if you have prefs for a technology stack for your website development; for instance, I host with for now (good windows shared hosting)

3. and 4. are quite tied together : the technology stack of your chosen host will much depend on the skills of the people you want to put at work for the dev and maintenance, and also the costs obviously

5. you will find great developers quite expensive but also able to nail it in no time compared to what you'd do; I suggest you find someone in your network, compatible with 3 and 4, who's also motivated by your idea... it's not impossible to also find volunteers willing to do it almost for free, if they're as much into your idea as you are; no matter the skills, developers tend to be more expensive/less productive in something they don't find even interesting;

6. the big difficulty is to find a developer, front end and backend who is also a great web designer (look and feel, sexiness of UI)... that's still pretty rare on the market, esp. depending on 3 and 4, again...

(you're likely gonna need at least two guys. btw, my step daughter studies graphics design, and as a "starving student" (j/k) she's always looking for gigs - 20 or so hours for a minimum project total, typically - for pure custom HTML + CSS, all graphics design only; she already does pretty good, I encourage her to continue)

7. don't worry too much about your idea being stolen; however, yes, a lot of thoughts will need to be put on how you will protect the user privacy, if there needs to be moderation, to which extent, what to log, etc

'Hope this helps,

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