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I can help you out.

I'm a web designer by day.

1. Try to stay away from corporate hosts like GoDaddy. They have horrible customer service, they try to lock you into long-time service, and their control panels are usually laughable.

2. Most of the time the longest you can get a domain for is 2-5 years. Luckily, you can get domains independently from the hosting, which gives you a bit more freedom in your choice. Don't worry though, if you go with a 1-year renewal you can keep the domain parked how ever long you want it. It's pretty much yours unless you decide to give it up or miss a payment.

3. You shouldn't have trouble unless you have similar computer skills to my grandma. In this day and age there are tutorials for EVERYTHING! I'll help you in the right direction. Use WordPress for your website. It's a Content Management System (CMS, aka: blogging tool) - it allows you to easily add and update content (text as well as pictures and videos) and change the look-and-feel of the website. It's also pretty simple to install.

4. There is 1 pitfall you should consider: waste of hosting package. IMO, web hosts oversell what the consumers need, but that's fine...that means they're giving away extra for free. But that also means you don't need to pay $10 when you really need a hosting package that's probably closer to $3-$5.

WordPress will take up: 1 database, 23mbs (not including extra theme files or uploads)

The bandwidth use is dependent on the traffic being pulled into the site. 100mbs a month should be more than enough to start out.

5. This site would cost anywhere between $400-$1000 depending on who you decide to use to create it. If you do it yourself, you'll just be paying the minuscule monthly hosting and yearly domain fees.

6. Yes, if there's any specific design ideas (I'm talking like a logo for the site) then you need to be certain of that design before you have it made because a designer's pet peeve is repeatedly editing over and over.

7. Hmmm, not sure I quite understand this one. Fully disclose anything the designer needs to know about the website and he'll do the best he can to help you with your vision.

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Good luck on your website!