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Mentioned below, a

Mentioned below, a comprehensive liberty site. I had the idea for this a while back, but it would require a dedicated person or group of people to make it happen. Daily Paul already kinda acts like it, but it isnt comprehensive.

So what I see is a news site, information site, and forum all in one. The difference between any other given site like this(ie dailypaul) and this one would be the comprehensive nature regarding all the liberty stuff.
There would be a section with detailed info on all the candidates. The forum would be broken up into the usual sections plus a section for each party/candidate, like the libertarian party, green party etc.
News section should be self explanatory.
There could be other areas, but these above should cover most of it.

In regards to the vision above, most forum software comes with most or all of your list there.
One feature that should be there is the ability to group threads together under one link in the forum, so duplicates can be placed there without cluttering up everything.

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