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Slavery is not merely coercion.

Not in all cases, at any rate. In the time before the War of Northern Aggression, many slaves truly regarded themselves as rightful property of their owners. Feudal serfs regarded themselves -- proudly -- as vassels of their feudal lords. That's something even more horrible than coerced labor would be, isn't it? Not merely to enslave a man's body, but his mind as well.

And that latter kind of enslavement is precisely what "government" tries to do to us. That is what our 12 years of "public education" is designed to inculcate. On our very first day of school we learn to "pledge allegiance" to the government. We learn that it is our moral duty to obey the orders of our master ("government") -- which are called "laws" and to pay over whatever portion of our earnings the master demands ("taxes"). Be PROUD to be "an American!" Like a cow should be PROUD of the brand on its butt, a brand which identifies the rancher who has the right to control, milk and slaughter the beast.

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