Comment: We all helped Ron Paul build a huge base of freedom lovers

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We all helped Ron Paul build a huge base of freedom lovers

over these past six years. Many of us were in this movement long before we ever heard of Ron Paul.

We gave tens of millions of dollars to his campaign to fight for our freedoms and liberties that have been greatly eroded. This time around we handed him a primary race, where he had only one candidate left in the race, Mitt Romney. That was months before Tampa.

Instead of taking on Romney head to head, he chose NOT too, because of Romney's threats to embarrass him (see Doug Weed's interview on this subject). He literally allowed Romney to steal the nomination from under us, without so much as firing a shot at him.

It is important to understand that this movement has never been about Ron Paul, it’s always been about our loss of freedoms and liberty. Although I painfully realize that many here never saw it this way.

Now that the GOP nomination is over, this huge base we all helped build with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, is disintegrating before our very eyes. We should all be asking WHY? For me, the answer to this question is quite simple; the leader of this movement will NOT stand TALL, and give any form of concrete direction as how to proceed from here.

Any movement without great leadership will always splinter, and splinter we have.

Crucify me if you will, but I hold Ron Paul totally responsible for what has happened here. I now believe Rand Paul left his father’s campaign early out the same frustration.

Ron Paul is a great teacher, but he does not have the set of Balls’ to take on a real fight. I will NOT go through this again with him. For me I want a man with real guts to fight.

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