Comment: Like the Libertarians or Greens?

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Like the Libertarians or Greens?

TO those who think they will change the world by becoming BETTER politicians than the ones we have had - go for it. Try your VERY hardest. I'll see you here in a year or two, after the system has beaten you down. Or, I will see you in a year or two, after you have sold out and worked your way into a position where YOU get to tell others how to live (becoming what you sought to replace.)
It is funny, I have come to enjoy being "downvoted" but no comments - it lets me know I am making people think thoughts they don't want to think, which is the first step to accepting truths they don't want to accept. I actually have someone emailing me privately telling me he is "a semi-public fugue" so he can't argue with me here on the threads. How is that for a nice, transparent politician in training? He loves liberty SO MUCH he wants to be the one to divvy out the free speech - lol!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.