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Comment: Just a side note for others who are not up to speed on this:

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Just a side note for others who are not up to speed on this:

Yes, you are the beneficiary of the estate; what estate is that? When your mother signed the original Record of Live Birth, there was NOT a registrars signature and state seal embossed into the document.

The hospital sends the ROLB your mother signed to the state registrar. This is where they 'split the title' and create another document called the Certificate of Live Birth (He who creates owns), which the creation of a new estate; a dead estate.

The registrar is the court of probate; probate deals also with estates of the DEAD; as in the all CAPITAL letter spelling of your name on the drivers license, credit cards, utility bills, etc. Sometimes the name on the Certificate of Live Birth is in both upper and lower case; does not matter - it's a new document created by THEM.

They send you this new Certificate of Live Birth in the mail and Mommy and Daddy teach you from an early age, that this is YOURS; your true identity. You use that document to get a drivers license (cannot get one without it, because unless you're an employee of their corporation, you are not even eligible for one); to get a social security card, etc. So basically you're running around town using a document THEY created as a means of identity to get other documents. Unbeknownst to you, this is actually a foreign ID badge; your papers to be able to work on this land mass called America for a foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES.

All employees of the UNITED STATES are foreigners. Once they take a job with the foreign corporation, they are no longer privy to the Inherent Birth Rights of being born here; it's just one of the 'perks' of being employed by THEM. You are now obligated to their own internal statutory rules-codes-regulations and ..... Income Taxes.

When you walk into court, the court clerk has already (prior to the fact) assigned the judge as the trustee of this estate. When he/she calls the estate name (name on Certificate of Live Birth), and you jump up and say "Yes your honor, that would be me" ...... You just contracted with the court and recognized the judge as an authority figure of this proceeding, or the EXECUTOR. The judge now takes off the trustee hat and hands it to you; he takes your beneficiary hat and hands it to the state prosecutor, and guess which hat puts on himself?

Yep, he's now the executor or administrator of that estate, and since you're now the trustee, he's going to rape you of all he can and award it to the state, as they are now the beneficiary.

To keep this from happening, it may be a good idea when the judge calls your name, to say "I'm here regarding this matter", and I just want to get one thing on the public record; are you (to the judge) a public servant? Of course he/she is, and that makes them the public trustee, and you let them know that you are assigning them as the trustee of this matter and request he/she discharge this matter.

It's all commerce & trade of human resources; that human resource is you.

Remember: You own nothing but control everything. You do not own the estate they created in your behalf (for themselves to profit from), but you do control it.

You are the only person in that courtroom that can acquire a certified copy of the Certificate of Live Birth short of a court order; that is your proof, and it's an ace in the hole to remember.

When you go to court, it is nothing but a shareholders meeting for that name on the Certificate of Live Birth. The judge is the trustee; you are the beneficiary/administrator/executor - and in that proceeding, you are the Director who appoints trustees to perform in favor of the estate.

There is a lot to this, but it's not that difficult to understand if one is willing to put a little time into study. I would suggest anyone who wants to understand this topic better, click on my name and see other posts I've made pertaining to this issue and you'll come across a seminar series by Dean Clifford called "Both Sides of the Story". Watch that first, then watch his other 5 or 6 seminars on Trust Law and how to enforce your Rights.

PS. Thank You for bringing this thread and subject of the estate up. I've been pounding this home for a long time on this forum, and people just can't, for some reason, come to terms with the fact of how they are controlling you is through Trust Law and treating you as the trustee in the shareholders meeting (court case).

Every time I've brought this up in the past, it's gotten swept away to "Off Topic" ....... when in all due actuality, it's the "Only Topic" that people need to study to set themselves free from this out of control foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES.

Keep on posting-it will eventually set in. We will have to continue to fight the trolls (BAR shysters and gov't trolls) on any thread of this nature, because the Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies.

These people know we are onto them and their scheme, so they are doing damage control by invading these threads and causing confusion.