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You make good points.

My rosy scenario about primary/caucus results are especially speculative.
The Conspiracy prefers to avoid obvious manipulation. They only interfere when necessary and then in the most subtle or covert manner available to them.

For example, primary results with electronic voting machines are easier to fix. Caucuses with a whole bunch of amateurs doing messy things like counting their ballots out loud in public are a whole lot harder to control without getting caught. Therefore the Conspiracy wants to get rid of caucuses. Logical.

If Their methods during THIS election were not subtle it was because WE forced the issue, by making Ron Paul a credible threat.

Yes, having a MINO (Mormon In Name Only) like Romney for a candidate was not necessary. They could have and probably would have nominated a Santorum, Perry, etc. Even more likely, however, one of their other "boys" like Huckabee or Christie would have been "inspired" to throw his hat into the ring.

BUT none of them would have had the unique appeal (for Mormons) of a Romney. I'm not saying that they are all ripe for a libertarian harvest. Yes, they are all brainwashed like the rest of the Fox News crowd. But the Fox News crowd does not have the ghost of an Ezra Taft Benson glowering over their shoulders.

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