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Obama will probably win anyway as Romney has to have about a 5% national margin to win the swing states. Having played the game and having even come out with ads against democratic Senators, will make Rand will probably make Rand more mainstream among Republicans.

If Romney does win, Rand will have more cooperation in the Senate and some due from the President.

Supporting Romney is a win-win for Rand Paul either as a Senator or 2016 presidential candidate.

I'm voting Johnson and am not encouraging anyone to vote Romney. However, I realize that it is Rand Paul who helped block Georgia's membership into NATO, actively opposed NADA, TSA , and forces votes on embarrassing issues in the Senate. Johnson will lose, despite my vote, and we won't hear much more about him for the next four years while Rand will presumably continue to interfere with the neocon agenda for those same four years. His Romney affiliation is a means to that end.

Should Rand run for the presidency in 2016, he will be in a primary against the likes of Ryan, Rubio, and Christie. As they drop out, one by one, their support will go to each other and not to Rand unless he is more mainstream.