Comment: I hate to ruin everybody's appetite

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I hate to ruin everybody's appetite

but just in case you don't already know. McDonald's hamburger is made from a "spent heifer" This is a dairy cow (female) that has been giving milk for all her sorry and unnatural life. She has been pumped with antibiotics and lactation hormones and fed on corn. After her milk production begins to drop off in about 7 years, she is culled and butchered for "100% pure beef". She is skinny - often sickly-with a huge udder.The meat you purchase at a supermarket is a steer (male). He is slaughtered as a very young adult. If you saw the raw meat of a spent heifer you would never buy it but they can disguise it by cooking the heck out of it and covering it with condiments.
The chicken at McDonald's is made from "spent hens". Layers after the egg production drops. Just don't eat it no matter how cheap it is. Would you eat an arsenic burger or a Chicken McPoison just because you can get it for $1??