Comment: So those who associate automatically deserve power?

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So those who associate automatically deserve power?

"Governments are instituted among men" meaning white adult males who owned land.
The founders got a lot right, but they got a lot wrong, too.
NO ONE has the right to rule over me, even if ALL of you vote and decide someone does.
My CREATOR did that creative thing and CREATED ME SOVEREIGN. Then a bunch of yayhoos immediately surrendered their sovereignty, and convinced everyone else they had to, too. Some millenia later, I inherited their nonsense, but I don't consent. I reject their authority to pick who gets to rule over me, whether they do it in 2 weeks, or whether they did it in 1776.
When the need arises, the group of individuals who feel need to cooperate will join together and cooperate. When their use is served, they will disband - UNLESS someone gave them a badge and told them to keep doing it.
Badges are fun. Can I have a paycheck, too? I'll NEVER quit ruling over you if you make the deal sweet enough.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.