Comment: I will make you an offer you might want to refuse.

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I will make you an offer you might want to refuse.

I am in the position right now to set you up with a turnkey cool as hell script on my server. It will only cost me 12.00 to add another domain name to my hosting. Thing is you will have to make the decision to admin this site and give up everything you regard as a "Life". Just ask anyone that has had a real site with traffic and you will understand. I can set you up in just a couple days with a site that has the capabilities of user self maintained blogs with comments,PM's,Photo galleries,Chat and Etc. If you are willing to give up everything else in life I can set you up on my server. Just contact me through my account here if the sacrifice is worth it to you. You will be the owner and administator of this domain. I am of course willing to help explain how to use it for a bit.

I, am doing this because one time I asked for help setting up a website and met one of the most gracious and honest gentleman I have ever met in my life. He donated and shared his skills and knowledge to put me in this position to offer you this option. You must be dedicated and devoted to the project and give up every other thing in life to do this. Are you willing?


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