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20% of the RP movement was made up of libtards far left of obama and even kucinich!!. these are the ones who were let down by obama but never really liked(LOATHED) the fact that RP was/is a republican and he tightly holds republican, conservative, constitutional values.
these libs, now HAVE NO HOME. The fact that RP is a conservative republican has slapped them in their smug lib faces.
They cant bring themselves to go back to obama and know the truth about GJ but insist on following gairie because to actually join the republican party as RP has asked is repulsive to them, and always was.
They will cling to GJ until he slithers back to the GOP after the election then they will go back to OWS or greenies or who ever will take them. Most will seek a home in the libertarian party.
I hope they do, just keep them out of RP 2016, they will seek to bring down his republican campaign like they did this time.
The only reason most of the jontards were first with Paul was because of his non intervention foreign policy, the typical lib mind does not recognize constiutional gvt or a fiscally conservative role it should play- and they NEVER will.
so becareful of the lost bleeding heart gairie liberal.
They are seeking a home and after being around the 2 RP campaigns, I say they hit the bricks and get kucinich and GJ together,. but leave RP alone, he is conservative and will never be todays lib no matter how hard you wish he were.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016