Comment: Still no answers.

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Still no answers.

I'm still wondering what to do. A write-in in the state of Missouri goes towards the second place candidate, it doesn't even count towards the person I write in. With all the people crying about not voting for GJ and wanting a solid write-in campaign, those people are only considering themselves. Some of us don't want our votes to count as Romney or Obama votes. If we want our votes to count towards a candidate we actually have to pick one on the ballot.

Here in MO we will have the option of Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein as well as the D and R candidates. Vigil Goode did not meet the filing deadline for MO.

I've had a few people argue with me over this from the various RP forums, but I've been in contact with the local elections office as well as various emails to the Missouri SoS office and are all saying the same thing. A pending law suite to count write-in votes for this election was filed after the deadline to change the states election laws for the upcoming election. Any changes made now will be applied no earlier then the 2014 races for the state senate.