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r3VOLution, The Liberty MOvement

If you just listen to what Ron Paul has been saying, truly listen, you may get it a little more clear. Dr. Paul has told us that both the Republican and Democrat Parties are the same one party system. To vote for either party gives them credence and emboldens them to continue to put up the same type of candidates that they have, because in their eyes, that is what the people are voting for. Dr. Paul also respects individual freedom of choice, so he wants you to make up your own mind, however, he started, what is called. the r3VOLution, in order to challenge the one party system we have today. He has given us a clue by saying "Gary Johnson is wonderful."
The GOP has shown that they are very nervous because Liberty voters have expressed that we will not vote for their candidate. If we were to organize toward one vehicle, like the Libertarian Party or Constitution Party, and give a large percentage to one of them in the election, it will scare the crap out of them. If we splinter into several different factions, we will not be seen as that much of a threat to them and they will continue to put up the same type of candidates. If Rand happens to get the Republican nomination in 2016, by all means, we can gather around him, but for now, we need to send a clear message to them. If we do send a message of solidarity in our movement, I believe that would give them more incentive to nominate someone like Rand in 2016. We have to get together in this election or they will just look at us as a bunch of disenfranchised kids throwing a temper tantrum. Lets get unified and show the establishment that we are a force to be reckoned with. We will not win this election, but we can send a clear and present danger message to them. I believe this is the last election that we have the opportunity to do this. Let us band together as brothers and sisters of a movement that will go down in history as the movement that changed America's course back towards Liberty. My opinion.